usage agreement

1. Summary
These terms are the terms and conditions governing the rights and obligations of the mobile application and associated site (the " Service ") of the Company and specify the purpose and procedures for this service.

2.  Effective and revised according to the posting of the terms and conditions
• These terms and conditions shall become effective by posting on such services.
• The company may modify this Agreement in the event of major business reasons for the changes prescribed under the relevant statutes. In such a case, the conditions for using this service shall follow the contents after making changes.
• The company may frequently notify the members of the amended terms and conditions online or in other ways it deems relevant.
• The revised terms and conditions shall be effective when the company marks the contents of the notification online or when the contents of the notification arrived to the members.
• Matters not covered in this Agreement shall comply with the Act on Protection and Use of Location Information, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

3. The establishment of a contract for use
• The service contract is concluded when the company accepts the member's consent for the member's application for service use after agreeing to the service terms and conditions on the membership page provided by the service. A person who has signed a membership contract is called a " member " or " user. "
• In principle, the company shall agree to the service use by agreeing to the service terms and conditions and in principle consent to the registered users. However, in the event of business performance or technical difficulties, the company may defer approval for subscription at a certain time.

4. Delivering and using services
• In principle, this service shall be provided 24 hours a day unless the company's business or technical difficulties are found.
• This service is primarily charged or free of charge. However, for a separate paid service, you must pay the service stated in that service to use it.
• This service is used for nonprofit purposes only and for personal use only.
• This service is available only to those over 18 years old.
• You may not use the service if you violate these terms and conditions.

5. The obligation to handle and protect personal information
• The company shall treat and protect personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy posted on the respective sites and mobile applications.
• The company may collect additional personal information as provided under the related statutes under the consent of the members for the purpose of improving the service and introducing the services to the members.
• The company shall not disclose the members ' personal information to any third party without the members ' consent unless otherwise specified.
• The company shall swiftly destroy the members ' personal information if the service suspension is performed or the members retrench their consent to the provision of personal information. However, it is allowed to keep schedule information as provided under the relevant laws, such as the Consumer Protection Act.

6. Company obligations
• The company shall exert its best to provide continuous and stable service in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.
• The company shall operate with a security system suitable to the level of development of the current Internet security technology and the characteristics of the services provided by the company so that the members may safely use the service.
• The company shall handle the opinions and complaints raised by using the service if the member is deemed justifiable. The company can guide the customer through the mail and bulletin board through the process.
• The company complies with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Protection, the Communications Secret Protection Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, and other laws related to the operation and maintenance of services.

7. The obligation of membership
• The members shall not transfer, give or lease the rights to the service use or other service contract status to any third party unless the company explicitly agrees with them in advance, and shall not provide such rights as collateral.
• The members shall comply with the relevant laws, regulations on these terms and conditions, cautions and notices issued by the company, and shall not interfere with other activities of the company.
• The members shall not conduct any sales or advertisement activities for any purpose or method set by the company without prior permission from the company, and the members shall not violate the company's property rights, goodwill, or business model.
• The company shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by the member concerned by a third party (including family members and other persons) by using or modifying the member account, user name, or subscription information.
• If any of the registered contents are changed, the member shall immediately report the change to the company. The company shall not be held liable for any disadvantages caused by failure to report the change.

8. Membership Rights and Responsibilities
• At any time, the members may withdraw their consent to these terms and conditions and cancel the member contract according to the procedures set forth by the company.
• The member may request correction at any time if there is an error in his personal information.

9. Prohibition
• The members are prohibited from doing the activities listed below.
- In case of registering false contents when applying for service use or changing member information
- When using other people's information
- If you pretend to be an operator, an employee, or a company
- In case the company changes the information it publishes.
- In case of an act to obtain information from other users through hacking
- Making fun of, threatening and defaming the company and its members
- If you are making public or publishing information that is not related to indecent or violent messages or other public documents
- If you express your religious beliefs or denigrate other people's religions
- If spreading false information or committing fraud
- Trade in Points
- When selling or promoting goods that are limited by domestic or international laws
- If it promotes the sale or sale of items that are restricted in and out of the country, such as stolen goods, medicines, or psychotropic medicines
- If violating fair trade
- When posting, selling or promoting pornographic and adult materials
- when posting or promoting items related to entertainment business, decadent business activities and illegal business settings
- When doing something that could cause political and social disturbances
- In case of an infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyright, trade secrets, or patents of the company and a third party
- In case of spreading malicious codes or data that could cause the information communication facility to malfunction or destroy the information, etc.
- In case of a violation or illegal act
- Any violation of further notice made via mobile application or online web page
- In case the company determines that it is unsuitable ;
• If a member does any of the prohibited acts listed above, he may restrict the use of the service according to the degree of violation and may file a complaint with the investigation agency. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages caused by such loss.

10. Service use restriction
• The company may limit the member's use of the service without the member's consent if he or she falls under any of the following conditions or determines that the member can not use the service :
- In case the personal information requested by the company is found to be false ;
- In case a member's account, user name and others are suspected to have been used illegally by a third party considering the circumstances of use and information obtained by the company ;
- In the event of any other acts that are considered to be in violation of the relevant laws and conditions ;
- In case the company determines that it is urgently required to restrict the use of the members other than the above ;
• The company shall not be held liable for any damages to the member caused by limiting the service use for the reasons listed above.

11. Withdrawal and loss of membership
• When a member cancels the membership contract, the member shall apply for the cancellation through the withdrawal procedure defined by the company. The company processes the information according to the provisions of the statutes and other laws.
• If the members fail to comply with the prohibited contents and obligations, the company may delete the members ' postings and revoke the membership without prior notice. As a result, the member shall not be able to refund or compensate points as a result, the member shall not be allowed to cancel the points.
• The members ' personal information shall be deleted from the company's membership list from the date they lose their membership. In addition, the member data preserved in the company's database will be deleted after a period of time.

12. Payment, refund and cancellation
• The member may use the paid service through various payment methods provided by the company. In the event that the payment is handled abnormally, the company will process the member's payment amount in the normal manner.
• The company may cancel the charged and paid amount through fraudulent methods or methods prohibited by the company, or may restrict the refund.
• The members may obtain cancellation, refund, and compensation from the company for the following reasons in accordance with the regulations below :
- In case there is no service available through payment and the company is entirely responsible for it (unless inevitable, such as a regular system checkup published) ;
- In case a payment record is duplicated due to a system error at the company or payment agency ;
- For other consumer protection
• Members who wish to apply for a refund must submit it to the customer service center by email or inquiry.
• The company determines whether the reason for the member's refund request is suitable, has a reasonable refund reason, and returns it to the member that has been found to have undergone proper procedures.
• The member may request a refund only within seven days from the time of purchase, and can only refund if he or she is recognized as the company's reasons for return, such as payment due to a system error, at the time of purchase.
• In the event a member is subject to sanctions for violating the service contract, such as a prohibition on use or withdrawal from the service, the member shall be exempted from item refund and compensation as a punishment.
• In the event that the contract is terminated due to voluntary withdrawal by the member, the member's items and points are automatically terminated so that the member can not be recovered or refunded.
• If the member's registration information is found to be false or inconsistent with the conditions for membership registration during the identification authentication process, he or she will be disciplined, forced to leave the service, and can not be refunded or compensated for due to reasons attributable to the member's own.
• The blame for the dispute over the terms of the transaction lies with the parties involved.

13. Point expiration
• If the user has provided false, corrupt, or outdated information, the company may cancel or seize points it has accumulated or owned under its judgment.
• If a member acquires points , and is not active more than six months after the date of the last connection (if there is no login record), the paid and free points may be decimated.
• The points acquired by the members may be lost upon loss of the membership.

14. The suspension of services
• The company may temporarily suspend this service without prior contact with the member if the reasons listed below apply. In this case, the company shall not be held liable for any damage caused by a technical defect caused by this service or a serious change in the operation of the service.
- If the service system is being repaired, repaired or altered regularly or in an urgent situation
- In case this service can not be provided due to fire, power failure, etc.
- In case the service can not be provided due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, eruptions, flood, or tsunami ;
- In the event that this service can not be provided due to war, riot, disturbance or labor dispute ;
- In other cases where the company has decided that it is necessary to temporarily suspend this service, either mechanically or technically.
• The company shall not be responsible for any damages caused by the member or a third party for the reasons for the delay or suspension of this service provision for reasons other than those listed above.

15. A restriction of responsibility
• The company shall not be held liable for any failure to use the service due to reasons attributable to the member, such as failure to comply with the member's terms and conditions, service usage methods, and usage standards.
• The company can not guarantee the reliability or accuracy of the information, data, and facts posted by the members through the service.
• The company shall be exempted from the responsibility for transactions made between the members or between the members and the third-party by using the service as medium.
• The company shall not be held liable unless the relevant law provides special provisions in relation to the service use.
• The company shall be exempted from responsibility if it can not provide the service due to natural disasters, wars, suspension of the service providers of the primary communication service, or other technical defects that are difficult to solve.
• The company shall be exempted from responsibility for any service interruption or failure caused by inevitable causes, such as repair, replacement, regular checkup, or construction of service facilities.
• The members shall be responsible for damage to, data or loss of information on computers and mobile systems caused by downloading or accessing certain programs or information based on their decisions.
• The company shall be exempted from responsibility if damages occur because the communication service provider has stopped or failed to provide the communication service normally.
• The company shall not be held liable for damages caused by the member's reasons for return, such as computer error, incorrect registration of personal information and e-mail addresses, and negligence of password management.
• The company does not support the company's network hacking problems, such as security issues that are caused by the member's computer environment or not within the company's administrative scope, or that are difficult to protect due to the current security technology level.
• We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the leakage or provision of personal information by members themselves.
• The company shall be exempted from any damages caused by the members ' selection or use of the service.
• The company shall not be required to check or review the contents of its postings in advance of registration, nor shall it be held liable for the results.
• The company shall neither guarantee nor be responsible for the stability, accuracy, legitimacy, or suitability of the services for the purpose of relation to points or other allied service websites.
• In the event that the company deletes the information registered or published by a member and the service is suspended, suspended, or suspended due to the suspension of the member's qualification, the company shall not make any compensation for the cause.
• The company may set, modify, and terminate the new point payment amount fee from time to time. The company is not responsible for any disadvantages arising from it.
• If the points purchased are not used, the company shall not be held liable for compensation for points not used.
• In the event that data fees are incurred by connecting from a location other than WiFi environment, the user can not request payment of all charges to the company.

16. Governing Law and Judgment
• In the case of a suit filed between the company and its members, the laws of the Republic of Korea shall be governed by the applicable law.
• A suit concerning disputes arising between the company and its members shall be filed with the court of competent jurisdiction under the Civil Procedure Act.

17. Company Information
the Company’s trade name and contact information are as follows.
• app name : livetalk
• Contact :

【 Date 】
The terms and conditions shall apply as of September 06, 2019.